Did the Ancients Really Believe the World Is Flat?

| February 5, 2011

The mind has lost its cutting edge, we hardly understand the Ancients. — GrĂ©goire de Tours, AD 500s [Hamlet’s Mill, pg 10] The lazy word “evolution” had blinded us to the real complexities of the past. — authors of Hamlet’s Mill, pg 69. Over at Untwist History, we discuss the “vulgar error” that Columbus finally […]

Living Link to Ancient Polynesian Navigation

| January 26, 2011

Kimokeo is his name. It’s the Hawaiian version of Timothy (Timoteo), as many Hawaiians were christened with biblical names. Members of the Kihei Canoe Club on Sugar Beach in Maui call him a “living legend.” He was part of a team that paddled the length of the Hawaiian archipelago. He speaks the language, carries the […]

Evolution, Meat, and “Brains”

| August 2, 2010

An ancient diet change from vegetarian to carnivore made the “human” brain grow and kicked humanity into high gear, argues Leslie Aiello, anthropologist and director of New York’s Wenner-Gren Foundation. According to Aiello, a human cannot have a big gut (necessary for raw veg diet) and a big brain at the same time, as raw […]