Did the Ancients Really Believe the World Is Flat?

| February 5, 2011

The mind has lost its cutting edge, we hardly understand the Ancients. — GrĂ©goire de Tours, AD 500s [Hamlet’s Mill, pg 10] The lazy word “evolution” had blinded us to the real complexities of the past. — authors of Hamlet’s Mill, pg 69. Over at Untwist History, we discuss the “vulgar error” that Columbus finally […]

Are Egyptian Antiquities Safe?

| February 2, 2011

The world holds its collective breath as politically seismic events erupt in Egypt, home to some of history’s most unique and valuable antiquities, including the Great Pyramid complex. Looters have already damaged important antiquities in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. According to Global Post, the army is now securing museums and the main pyramids. See […]

Which Is the Great Pyramid?

| August 14, 2010

In surfing stock photo sites for the Giza pyramids, I noticed that quite a number of people were confused about which pyramid is the Great Pyramid. The remarkable Giza Plateau features three large pyramids and six small pyramids, as well as the Great Sphinx and various other structures. Many people see the Second Pyramid with […]

Sphinx Head Recarved — I Knew It!

| August 2, 2010

After skimming a little of the internet, I realize that I am not the only non-professional observer to look at the massive lion body of the Great Sphinx and conclude that the “puny” little “pharaonic” head does not match. Egyptologists have clung to the conventional, nationalistic view that the head of the Sphinx is that […]