Alternative Ancient History

Posted By on July 30, 2010

They Came From Babel was originally a 244-page book we published in 1994 which presented an unconventional view of ancient man as physically superior, mentally sophisticated, and capable of accomplishments far beyond anything most of us have ever imagined. It introduced some of the patriarchs and pagans who established the thoughts and cultures of mankind, and whose influence still shapes our world today.

The book included research regarding ancient geography, ancient calendars, ancient navigation, and the basic history behind world mythology and the “Mystery System.” We delved into some controversial topics such as Egyptian history, the pyramids (in particular the Great Pyramid), and Tychonian vs. Copernican astronomy. We even looked into classical and quantum physics.

They Came From Babel was originally intended to be the first volume of a “Biblical History of the Americas.” We had discovered a growing number of what we call “maverick” secular researchers who continue to unintentionally lend support to the biblical record of ancient intelligence and the dispersion from “Babel.” These archaeoastronomers and cultural and archaeological diffusionists offer fascinating insights and discoveries when viewed through a “biblical lens.”

Our original publication was the culmination of several decades of interest, and a few years of pre-internet research done the old-fashioned way — interlibrary loan. Even in today’s marvelous internet world, a good research librarian is worth a mammoth’s weight in gold!

Now, They Came From Babel will continue as a website-based blog featuring e-books (and eventually print versions) concerning an even broader range of topics centering around a biblical view of ancient history. It is part of the family of Health Around Your Corner Publications.


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  1. So glad to have found you again! Our copy of your Vol. I (TCFB) had been misplaced for about 4 years, and just discovered today. We are waiting with “baited breath” for Vol.II; although, being in the research/publishing business ourselves, we understand how things can drag on due to many variables. God bless you!

  2. Jerry Smith says:

    I read They Came From Babel years ago and searched everywhere for the next voume and couldn’t find it. Finally, I decided to type in the name of the book and here is your web site!! If you have any other publications, I want them. I’ve been a Southern Baptist pastor 44 years, and have two book shelves of volumes on Creation and the Flood. God bless you and your work.

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