Are Egyptian Antiquities Safe?

Posted By on February 2, 2011

The world holds its collective breath as politically seismic events erupt in Egypt, home to some of history’s most unique and valuable antiquities, including the Great Pyramid complex. Looters have already damaged important antiquities in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

According to Global Post, the army is now securing museums and the main pyramids. See

TCFB has observed various comments on the Web expressing concern for the pyramids and Great Sphinx from two sources — not just looters/defacers, but also the possibility of consequences resulting from a takeover by religious extremists such as those in Iran, who might determine the great antiquities to be idolatrous. See Ynet News at,2506,L-4020695,00.html to read that “Iranian leaders hope for Islamic republic in Egypt.”

Egypt is also home to the Suez Canal, a guardian of the Red Sea shipping lanes, one of two Middle East neighbors honoring a peace treaty with Israel (the other being Jordan), an ally of the United States, possessor of a formidable army and lots of firepower, and a major player in Middle Eastern affairs.

Egypt is also about 10% Christian, with its rich, millennia-old Coptic Church, as well as a few other active denominations.

For further insight (that you won’t get from the “regular media”), go to and click on Blog to read the comments of Mosab Hassan Yousef, Palestinian son of a founder of Hamas, former spy for Israel, and Christian convert.

Be sure and go to Joel Rosenberg’s blog at [Inside the Revolution] to read about the following:

…senior White House and State Department officials are inexplicably indicating that they are now interested in welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood and other “non-secular” groups into whatever new government is created once Hosni Mubarak leaves office, as he has indicated he is now willing to do….Few moves could be more disastrous. Does the administration not understand who they are dealing with?

Who is Mohamed Elbaradei? A wolf in sheep’s clothing…an apologist for Iran (Shia) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni) and anti-Israel.

For in-depth intelligence insight from Israel’s point of view (and information you won’t get elsewhere), go to Debka File at

Also, see our posts at Untwist History, the “A.D.” continuation of this “B.C.” site.


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